Support Your Staff

Is your credit, accounts receivable and collection staff overwhelmed as a result of a recent merger/acquisition, system conversion, relocation or too many other duties? Or, do you simply need an immediate increase in cash flow? Let us help.
Our Team of highly skilled experts works with companies by supplementing existing staffs. This unique collaborative effort allows your existing staff to focus on the process of going through change without interruption of cash flow or meeting customer needs. We take on as few or as many of the tasks and processes needed for you to achieve your goals.

Let Bucher Financial Group show you how we can help make significant improvements to your accounts receivable portfolio.

  • Are customers being neglected?
  • Are old deductions/disputes not being attended to?
  • Are customers not adhering to your payment terms?
  • Are credit exposures properly assessed?
  • Are you constantly juggling staff to cover absences?
  • Do you wish you could devote more time to your business and less to paperwork and collections?
  • Do you feel that your systems need to be improved?
  • Do you make decisions based on policies and procedures or by the needs at the time?
  • Have you developed a long range plan?

Bucher Financial Group has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses work smarter not harder.

Let us help improve your ability to gain control of Collections and Credit Risk. The Bottom Line – Bucher
Financial Group will improve your Bottom line