Facts Sheet

Provider of Comprehensive Credit and Accounts Receivable Management Services

Bucher Financial Group provides unique expertise and task processing in the areas of credit and accounts receivable management. Bucher Financial Group wants to be your total solution to managing your accounts receivable portfolio.
How Bucher Financial Group Works for You

  • An evaluation is conducted to determine your company’s needs
  • An extensive review is prepared which identifies critical areas, recommends targets/benchmarks, and recommends proper procedures
  • Training is provided, as required, to your staff to improve methods and expertise

Action taken by Bucher Financial Group

  • Initiate a credit application program
  • Implement credit policies and procedures
  • Implement soft call collection calls of past due items
  • Provide management with frequent status reports
  • Make adjustments to processes as necessary to meet your company’s goals and objectives

Credit and Accounts Receivable

Procedures for extending credit to customers and collecting accounts receivable can prove to be overwhelming for companies. The Accounts Receivable asset is one of the largest assets a company maintains. Proper management of this asset is critical to the success of any business. Bucher Financial Group has a variety of resources and techniques available to assist companies in the management of the Accounts Receivable asset. Some of the resources and techniques include the following:

  • Provide credit law compliant credit application forms
  • Process credit applications and make proper recommendations to extend credit
  • Develop and maintain customer credit files that support all credit decisions
  • Maintain credit file information necessary for legal action, if required
  • Recommend alternative payment solutions for marginal credit risk customers
  • Provide routine communication with existing customers that may be carrying past due items
  • Make credit evaluations or resolve collection issues by meeting with customers
  • Resolve customer deductions in a timely manner
  • Provide reports of all credit and collection activity
  • Provide critical project management
  • Utilize credit support services of National Association of Credit Management (NACM)
  • Maintain contact within specified industry groups for accurate and current credit information

The Benefits of using Bucher Financial Group

  • Reduction of non-collectable accounts receivable items by providing a comprehensive and consistent credit evaluation processes
  • Improvement of cash flow by providing faster collection of accounts receivable
  • Reduction of the financial impact of deductions through immediate research and resolution
  • Reduction of the burden of maintaining updated credit information and handling past due items
  • Provision of a higher level expertise in the areas of managing credit and accounts receivable
  • Improvement to overall customer relations

The efforts of Bucher Financial Group will improve the quality of your accounts receivable portfolio and give you the ability to focus on the strategic issues of running your business.
                        The bottom line – Bucher Financial Group will improve your bottom line.