Collection and Credit Training

Bucher Financial Group offers comprehensive training to individuals and groups interested in improving their skill sets in commercial collection and credit risk functions.
Bucher Financial Group maintains a group of professionals and resources that provide a unique learning experience for those individuals that are confronted with the difficult and complex issues that drive cash flow, profitability and customer needs.
Bucher Financial Group provides the following:

Collection Training

  • Effective Collection Practices for Business to Business
  • Collecting in the Construction Industry (know your mechanics lien and bond claim rights)
  • Developing and Implementing a Customer Relation Based Collection Program
  • Developing and Implementing a Transaction Based Collection Program
  • Resolving Deductions and Short Pays
  • The Collection Process, when to take the next step
  • Workout and Payoff Plans
  • Building an Effective Collection Staff
  • Goal Setting: what numbers are important (DSO/% past due/write off’s)
  • How a Collection Function is a Profit Center

Credit Risk Training

  • Identifying and Reporting Customer Credit Risks
  • Basic and Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
  • Documentation Use:
    • Credit Applications
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Sales Agreements
    • Promissory Notes
    • Cross Corporate Guarantees
    • Personal Guarantees
    • Secured Transactions
    • Collateral Assessment
    • Cash Flow Management
    • 5- C’s of Credit: Conditions, Competition, Character, Capacity, Competence
    • Understanding DSO; Business Failure Predicting; Identifying Growth Companies
    • Using Personal Credit Reporting for Business
    • Credit Review Summary Analysis

Bucher Financial Group Methods

We provide one-on-one training; group training; one-day seminars as well as 8-week training sessions. We’ll bring in outside specialists as guest speakers who provide insights and backgrounds that give participants a variety of exposures to the disciplines relating to Collection and Credit Risk functions.  Bucher Financial Group provides specialists such as attorneys, accountants, current and former credit managers, motivational and organizational behavior presenters to provide additional insights to this critical area of business and finance.

What to Expect

What’s important? We’ll customize a program that meets your needs; pick and choose what’s important to you. You’ll be provided with all training guides, instruction manuals and other resources to support your function. We will provide an 800 phone number help desk so as you proceed with your career efforts you have a resource to rely on when making critical decisions. Because of our extensive years and quality of experience we can provide guidance, suggestions and insights that help you get through those complicated credit and collection issues.

Who should use this Program

Any business person involved in the areas of collections, credit risk and accounts receivable.

  • Collection and credit managers
  • Collection staffers
  • Credit analysts
  • Controllers
  • Finance managers
  • Office managers
  • Business owners

  Let us help improve your ability to gain control of Collections and Credit Risk. The Bottom Line – Bucher
Financial Group will improve your Bottom line