Dispute/Deduction Clean Up Program

Bucher Financial Group has considerable experience in helping companies resolve customer deductions and in establishing methods to minimize future deductions. We work with companies that experience a high frequency of deductions and disputes that end up as unpaid items on accounts receivable.

Our expertise in researching, analyzing, communicating with the customers and resolving these issues are extremely effective.

What you need to know when a customer short pays or deducts can be critical to your operation.

There are three ways that we can assist you:

  • Clean up of old items that you can’t seem to resolve without taking too much time away from more current disputes
  • Resolution of newer disputes while you clean up the old
  • Review of current methodologies to reduce disputes

Are you dealing with one of these conditions?

  • Customers who continue to take deductions or short pay invoices without reason or authorization
  • Difficulty getting to the right person to resolve disputes
  • Lack the manpower to provide proper documentation to get disputed deductions repaid
  • Deductions continue to climb
  • Do you track the customers, types of deductions they take, and the amount of deductions they take
  • Do you know which types of deductions are the largest for you