Account Monitoring Service

It is important to maintain a constant vigilance of your customer base to better protect against possible future credit losses and deterioration in payments. This is especially true during uncertain economic times when you need to know if any of your customers are headed into serious financial distress. Knowledge is power, the more you know about your customers the better you can meet their needs and protect your interests.

Bucher Financial Group offers a unique service that combines a number of resources including a highly skilled team of credit management experts to monitor your customer bases. This service includes:

  • Commercial credit reporting ratings, years in business, suits/judgments/liens/ bankruptcy activities
  • Accounts Receivable monitoring that tracks key accounts, slow pay accounts and new customer activity
  • Update bank and trade reference clearances for accounts that are considered credit/collection risks on an as needed basis
  • Verification of business activity using Bucher Financial Group’s database
  • Credit Review Summary Reports
  • Weekly Status Reports
  • Help desk access via 1-800-964-1353
  • Comprehensive analysis of large/key accounts available

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