Answer: Our objective is to assist you in growing your business ;at the same time we are reducing outstanding debt and providing increased security of your receivables.
Answer: Bucher Financial Group performs business to business financial tasks and management support in the key areas of assessing customer credit risk, management and collection of accounts receivable.
Answer: Bucher Financial Group works on site or off site, depending on your needs.
Answer: In addition to its core credit risk and accounts receivable functions, we provide general accounting management, accounts payable, and business development.
Answer: Our team of highly skilled professionals brings to its clients a level of expertise and support at a cost that improves a company's bottom line.
Answer: In addition to the highly skilled professional staff, Bucher Finaicial Group uses the latest state of the art information technology software and hardware. It maintains a highly secure database and resource center.
Answer: Companies use our services in a variety of ways. Either by having our staff work on site at a clients office or by working remotely Bucher Financial Group provides the exact amount of expertise, time and effort needed to make improvements.
Answer: Bucher Financial Group first will conduct an assessment of condition and need of a client's accounts receivable portfolio. From this assessment, a series of recommendations are made. With close collaboration with the client, Bucher Financial Group then implements policies, procedures and practices to meet each client's specific needs.
Answer: As much or as little as each client wants. Bucher Financial Group will make recommendations based on time tested results produced from its more than ten years in the credit and accounts receivable management business. It's always up to each client how much time and effort will be dedicated to their accounts receivable portfolio.
Answer: No matter what financial discipline our clients need, Bucher Financial Group will assess and recommend the right level of expertise and time needed to complete a particular function. As work levels and conditions change, Bucher Financial Group adapts to our clients needs. We scale our engagements to be flexible. Hiring staff requires a sense of permanency. With Bucher Financial Group we'll adjust as the client's needs adjust. This makes our services much more cost effective and efficient.
Answer: Credit limits are based on the financial health of the customer. We have many years of experience in gathering credit history from reporting agencies, banks and other suppliers. If the customer is in need of product that exceeds their normal credit limit, we will work with the customer to set up additional security documents to protect the receivables while providing the needed product to the customer.
Answer: The sales group is notified of any customer orders that are put on hold. We can also include notification to any other members of your staff that you request.
Answer: An hourly rate is almost always less than a percentage rate and it provides you with better forecasting of your costs associated with credit/collection efforts. These rates cover all costs associated with our activities.
Answer: Our staff is made up of experienced professionals who understand the importance of confidentiality. Feel free to contact clients on our cliernt referral list and I'm sure they will indicate that we pride ourselves on maintaining the security of client information.
Answer: Ask our clients - they will tell you we are pro-active in our approach and are able to react quickly to fast changing conditions. We always provide the quickest and highest quality service to meet the needs of our clients.
Answer: A number of factors drive deductions from payments made by customers. The staff at Bucher Financial Group is very familiar with the variety of reasons for deductions. As a result, we put into place specific programs tailored to the needs of our clients that assess, research and resolve deductions. In addition, we provide our clients with insight as to what may be causing deductions. Many times deductions reflect internal issues that our clients want to address. We help them through this process.
Answer: Bucher Financial Group provides progress reports to its clients in several ways. First a benchmark analysis is prepared so that as the work is performed a quantifiable measurement can be evaluated. Next, weekly Notes and Tasks Reports show in detail the efforts and time being spent on the clients' accounts receivable protfolio. Finally, periodic reviews with the client's management are conducted to assess improvements in cash flow, days sales outstanding, write off's and return on investment. During these reviews the client can adjust the level of service, methods or assignments being provided.