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Lead Blaster Service


Welcome to Bucher Financial Group’s exciting new PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER service where we find the construction projects you need to expand and grow your business.  Locating new projects is key to your business but it is a time consuming and costly process that can be difficult to transform into sales because of limited resources.

  • Are you missing out on potential projects where your products or services could be used?
  • Are you frustrated with the amount of time and effort needed to look for potential projects?
  • Are the search tools you need too expensive or too overwhelming?
  • Are you finding too much information that takes too much time to qualify leads that matches what you do?
  • Are you tired of paying for online search services that require you to spend countless hours sifting through the myriad of websites that only produce a very low percentage of actual sales?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then let Bucher Financial Group introduce you to PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER.

Bucher Financial Group has developed an exiting new program for companies that are looking for sales. This program is called PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER. If your business produces products or services for construction projects this is the service you need.

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell us what you do, what you make and what you sell. You tell us what makes for a qualified lead.
  • We search all available resources that match your business qualifications/specifications to projects.
  • We report to you only those projects that meet your qualifications/specifications.

Bucher Financial Group’s PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER Service does this:

  • Uses the leading, national, regional and local search engine services available.
  • Screens all potential leads found according to your requirements/specifications.
  • Provides you with instant and periodic FLASH Reports that are easy to interpret.
  • Provides prints/specifications as found on the search engine sites.
  • Conducts inquiries to project drives such as developers, architects, engineers and general contractors.
  • After all projects have been submitted to you, we conduct a follow up process to determine the outcome of each project; was it a successful sale, bid, potential project, rejected project.
  • Accountability, we track each lead with you; you’ll tell us if it was a successful lead; if not, why it was not successful.
  • Monitor qualified projects for updates as being reported by the search engine services.

Reporting meaningful/timely project information is the key:

The PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER service only forwards to you the projects that meet your specific criteria and then we follow up with you by sending reminders of key project dates and updates with any changes to the project.  The PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER service allows you to concentrate your resources on bidding and selling your services/products and that’s not all.

In today’s competitive market you spend time providing bids to your customers but then lack the time and resources to track your bids.  The PROJECT: LEAD BLASTER service provides you with follow ups to key dates within the bidding process and tracks all projects to provide you with an analysis of your bids.

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up:

Were you awarded the contract? If not, why?  Was it materials or price? We will provide you with the answers you need to assess your sales process and gain future projects.

What’s the cost?

Priced to fit every budget based on your specific market, call or e-mail us for a quote.

Phone: 800-964-1353