Jim Strotmeyer, General Manager, Allied Concrete Company:

“ To Bucher Financial Group: We want to thank you and your staff for working with our company assisting us with checking our existing and potential clients’ credit, advising and interpolating your findings; assisting us with collections, and advising us on joint checks and credit applications. The list goes on. Your company is a valued asset. From my perspective you offer hassle free service, are always available with a prompt response, detailed accurate information and imagine this, personal attention. In addition, you listen to our concerns and our positions. You do not dictate a course of action but rather work with us to ensure handling of any situation is done in a professional and expedient manner. Your company constantly monitors our accounts receivable and is proactive with contacting us in an effort to get updates. Honestly, I could not ask or expect more than what you and your firm, Bucher Financial Group, bring to the table. In this day and time I find your company to be the exception not the rule. ”

Aaron Hardin, Manufacturer’s Representative, Allied Concrete Company:

“ The Bucher Financial Group has proven to be indispensable in several years of pursuing projects from concept to construction. Kelly and the others at Bucher Financial Group have consistently proven to be effective and essential in our project pursuits. ”

Lori Gingerich, Office Manager, Keystone Trailer Services:

“ In my capacity as Office Manager at Keystone Trailer Services, I have had the pleasure of working with Tom, Sharon and most recently Kelly on a daily basis. I find the Bucher Financial Group team to be professional, friendly and most importantly extremely knowledgeable in the pursuit of our delinquent accounts. I too worked in the credit/collection field and I understand the time and energy, not to mention frustration, of dealing with customer issues day in and day out in order to collect outstanding debts. I applaud The Bucher Group for their expertise in this area. ”

Dan Shenberger, General Manager, Keystone Trailer Services:

“ We find the Bucher Financial Group team to be professional, friendly and most importantly extremely knowledgeable in the pursuit of our delinquent accounts. They bring black & white to our company’s grey world with their meticulous record keeping and excellent customer service. Bucher Financial Group takes the time and energy to resolve any uncollected or disputed balance. We applaud The Bucher Financial Group for their expertise in this area.”

Jen Pastore, Chief Financial Officer, E.B. O’Reilly & Associates Inc:

” We have been with Bucher Financial Group for over a year and I cannot talk highly enough about how professional and persistent they have been in turning our accounts receivable aging and cash flow completely around. Not only has our aging report dropped from 85 pages to 53 pages long, but our 90+ days past due accounts have dropped from 42.47% to 25.77%. And we have added over $300,000 to our savings account, all in just one year. The cost of their service has paid for itself over and over and I would recommend them to any company of any size. ”

Deborah Zellers, Controller, The Castle Group:

” I was very confident hiring Bucher Financial Group to assist us. The group provides prompt, personal attention and excellent service to The Castle Group no matter how large or small the project. They are the perfect fit for our company, saving us time and money… AND successfully collecting those accounts we would have written off! ”

Mark McCormick, President, Denney Electric Supply of DE, Inc.:

” Bucher Financial Group has been managing our Accounts Receivable Portfolio for over 3 years. They have reduced our over 60 days past due by over 50% and have improved cash flow by reducing Days Sales Outstanding by over 50%. They have helped us make key credit risk decisions and have helped both us and our customers improve our overall businesses. BFG provides a consistent service month after month that has allowed them to create solid relationships and raise the level of trust with our customers for our company.”